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The First Of The Few

Baptism of Fire

Duce! The Life Of Mussolini

King Rat (1965)

One of Our Aircraft is Missing

Battle for Norway (1940)
English Subtitles

U-Boats Westwards!

Battle Of Berlin: Death Of A City

Leon Degrelle & the Waffen SS


Churchill Wartime Speeches (CD)

The War On Russia (Two discs)

Dunkirk (1958)


Sink The Bismark (1960)

Firestorm Dresden

German Fighter Planes of WW2

Hell in Normandy (1958)


Battle of El Alamein

Panzers! (2015)

Titanic! (1943)


The Flying Tigers
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Stalag 17
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Westfront 1918
(English Subtitles)

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The Red Beret

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Morgenrot (1933)
(German Language)

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Tigers On The Loose
The Battle of the Bulge

Wings (1927)